Slide The hard part was finding gem quality stones large enough to be cut and set. You should know that this stone is mostly millimeter in size and filled with inclusions. The change from rough to polished causes a loss of more than 60% of the material. from Germany Haüyne The electric blue of Haüyne convinced Olivier to start his collection over 15 years ago. This bewitching color has led us to take up the challenge of collecting this small rarity in order to offer them on unique pieces. So here we are in Eifel near Mendig in southern Germany. We met Marcus there, who made us discover this quarry that is not very accessible but is a source of small blue marvels. Just to give you a perspective, try to find the haüyne in this photo.
Thanks to these passionate collectors, we were able to collect enough stones for a set from the Origins of the gems collection.
Region of Eifel
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