Slide Rubies and sapphires Siem Rep of Pailin We talked about the sapphire mines in France and then about the Ratanakiri zircons. We explained to him our process of finding original stones. He then opened his workshop to us and presented his various machines. His lapidaries cut rubies, Pailin's sapphires. They also made cabochons. Each cutting step was distributed by workstation. A multitude of dops were handcrafted with spokes from motorcycle wheels. In Siem Rep, not far from the Angkor temple, we took advantage of these wonders, witnesses of the past. We had no regrets at all for making this one-week stopover before going to Thailand. We went to Pailin to find the famous rubies and sapphires of Pailin. We were impressed by the length of the snorkeling time of the divers who brought back sandy soil from the bottom of the river. On the Krong Pailin On the Krong Pailin, we made friends with a stone hunter who ran a grocery store. He invited us to follow him by foot to introduce us to his uncle. Along the way, he told us that we were in the district of former Khmer people. Arrived in front of a gate, we were first greeted by "chi chi" an adorable little girl, then at the end of the courtyard by the famous uncle.
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