Slide to Auvergne Welcome Auvergne welcomes us with its blazing sunsets above the volcanoes. After a good night's sleep at the foot of the mine, we target the search points for the precious sapphires.
Rendezvous with our screens and hiking boots to go up the river with the hope of finding some stones. After a week of research with 3 people, in a rather cool water between 0 and 4°C, we finally saw ourselves rewarded for our perseverance with these pretty rough sapphires in blue-green tones. Once entrusted to our Auvergnat lapidary, here is a beautiful palette of these little rarities. Other treasures are also found in Auvergne, such as the amethysts which were set on the crowns of the royal family. Opposite, the vein of amethysts deposited by hydrothermal circulation in faults affecting the granites. Amethyst from the Poux mine in Vernet-la-Varenne in the Puy de Dôme at our friend Nicolas Léger's home.
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