Slide Discovery The Taj Mahal of jaipur The Taj Mahal is considered the jewel of Mughal architecture. Its marquetry patterns consist of a wide variety of stones embedded in white marble. The latter is extracted from Rajasthan but coral from the Red Sea, rock crystal from the Himalayas, turquoise and malachite from Tibet, jasper comes from Punjab, carnelian from Persia and Yemen, lapis lazuli from Sri Lanka, onyx from Deccan and Persia, garnets from Ganges and Bundelkund, agate from Yemen and Jaisalmer. In Jaipur, we come across many small artisans with their workbenches directly overlooking the street. They generously share their know-how with us.
The city of stones Jaipur is also the cradle of the trade in precious and ornamental stones. It is famous for the cut of stones. The majority of tanzanites and emeralds are cut there.
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