Slide of Maevatanana The gold nuggets We are in Madagascar, more precisely in Androfiakely, 3 km on the heights of Maevatanana. The miners search for gold in a gold-bearing quartz from the primary deposit at shallow depth. Then they crush the quartz in the mortars in front of each hut and they finally pan wash before going to the collector's house in Maevatanana at the end of the day to sell their gold nuggets. In the background, we can see the hills towards Tsitialakamisy at about twenty kilometers where, one day, twenty kilos of gold were found concentrated on about one meter of quartz! The water in the background is the tumultuous Betsiboka River. It is very impressive in the rainy season from November to April. Market day in Maevatanana Monday, weekly market day in Maevatanana, the artisanal miners come to buy new panes that come from the 200-liter metal drums processed by the pastor who lives a kilometer away from Maevatanana in the direction of Majunga.
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