Slide Tanzanite to Tanzania Welcome Tanzania offers extraordinary landscapes. Here we fly over the mythical Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa. Tanzania is famous for its Tanzanites with beautiful blue to purple hues. Its business is owned by the Maasais. This exceptional stone was discovered, not far from Kilimanjaro, forty years ago. The Merelani deposit is full of these wonders. Tanzanite is a gem that can be found in the colors purple, blue, green and pink. It is strongly trichroic, that is to say it presents, depending on its orientation, blue, purple or red. This gem does not escape heat treatments to beautify it when the stones are yellow-brown in tone. Tanzania reminds us of crystal-clear lagoons, safaris, hints of spices… But also, rubies, sapphires, garnets, tourmalines, spinels, which are part of its gemmiferous riches. We will share them with you on our next expedition.
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